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The Weimar Republic was founded 100 years ago. Courageous men and women fought for Germany’s first democracy in dire conditions. Great hopes were placed in the republic, which was to be the breeding ground for a society of freedom, justice, solidarity, and peace. Countless steps of progress were made in all areas of daily life. The vast majority of them have stayed with us and come to be seen as nothing special.
Yet the enemies of the democracy were very powerful from its start. They fought the republic fiercely - and destroyed it in the end. The first German democracy fell after 14 years, to be followed by the Nazi dictatorship. This tragic denouement remains a warning for us to heed today.
Indeed, the Weimar Republic is not a long-gone era; it is a crucial part of German history that speaks loudly to us and our times. It is thus proper to celebrate its centenary throughout our republic. In this portal, we have compiled a list of many of the numerous centenary projects and events. We invite you to browse it and are sure you will find something matching your interests. And please tell us if we have forgotten anything by sending an e-mail to Many thanks in advance for your support!

Map of Germany showing projects

Where are we commemorating the Weimar Republic? Which cities are hosting projects related to the first German democracy? You can use this map to find out more.
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Events Calendar

When are the next Weimar Republic events? Browse our events calendar.
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The Highlights of the Centenary

Some of the many Weimar Republic Centenary events enjoy particular prominence. We would like to tell you a bit about them below. Please note that planning these projects is a dynamic process that can entail changes and additions at any time.

9 October 2018 - Leipzig: Festival of Lights
This year, commemorations of the 1989 Peaceful Revolution will highlight similarities and differences with the 1918 November Revolution, exploring how democracy emerged in Germany on these two occasions.

3 November 2018 - Kiel: Centenary of the Sailors’ Uprising
Kiel was where the November Revolution started its march to victory. Commemorations in the north will feature a series of exhibitions, projects, and events.

3 to 9 November 2018 - Nationwide: The Rolling Revolution
Flash mobs will fill over 30 train stations throughout the Federal Republic to commemorate the November Revolution - and to remind us of how relevant it remains, even 100 years later.

November 2018 to March 2019 - Berlin: A Revolutionary Centenary - Berlin 1918-1919
Numerous institutions and associations have come together in the federal capital to offer a wide range of events and presentations of projects.

November 2018 to May 2019 - Munich: Revolution and the Councils Era - A Centenary Retrospective
Numerous partners have joined the City of Munich’s office for cultural affairs to commemorate a thrilling chapter of the city’s history via a comprehensive program of events.

January to December 2019 - North Rhine-Westphalia: Weimar in the West
In 2019, a multimedia touring exhibition will make a stop here, in Germany’s largest Bundesland, to tell the story of the first German democracy, including regionally relevant aspects.

1 to 10 February 2019 - Weimar: The Week of Democracy
The German National Theater, Weimarer Republik e.V., and numerous other partners will jointly commemorate the first session of the constituent National Assembly in Weimar in 1919.

31 July 2019 - Weimar: A Celebration of Democracy
One hundred years - to the day - after the Weimar Reich constitution was adopted, Weimarer Republik e.V. will host a big “Celebration of Democracy” in Weimar Theaterplatz.

11 August 2019 - Schwarzburg: Centenary of the Signing of the Constitution
Reich President Friedrich Ebert signed the Weimar Reich constitution during his vacation in Schwarzatal in Thuringia on 11 August 1919. We are commemorating this now, a hundred years later.


Abkürzungs- und Siglenverzeichnis der verwendeten Literatur:

ADGBFederation of German General Trade Unions
AEGAllgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (General Electricity Company)
AfA-BundGeneral Free Federation of Employees
AVUSAutomobile Traffic and Training Road
BMWBayrische Motorenwerke (Bavarian Motor Works)
BRTgross register tons
BVPBavarian People’s Party
CenterCenter Party
DAPGerman Workers’ Party
DDPGerman Democratic Party
DNTGerman National Theater
DNVPGerman National People’s Party
DVPGerman People’s Party
GmbHLimited (form of company)
KominternCommunist International
KPDCommunist Party of Germany
KVPConservative People’s Party
MSPDMajority Social Democratic Party of Germany; the Majority Socialists
NSnational socialism (Nazi)
NSDAPNational Socialist German Workers’ Party; Nazi party
NVNational Assembly
O.C.Organization Consul
OHLArmy High Command
SASturmabteilung; Brownshirts
SPDSocial Democratic Party of Germany
StGBPenal Code
UfAUniversum Film Aktiengesellschaft
USPDIndependent Social Democratic Party of Germany
VKPDUnited Communist Party of Germany
ZentrumCenter Party

(zusammengestellt von Dr. Jens Riederer und Christine Rost, bearbeitet von Stephan Zänker)

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