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The Weimar Republic is also known outside of Germany. Especially in English-speaking countries and contexts, extensive research is conducted on the first German democracy, its achievements and its demise. Weimarer Republik e.V. has taken this into account by having major parts of its on-line platform translated into English. The largest sections in English are the timeline of the Weimar Republic and the presentation of its most important figures. This translation contributes content that was not previously available in English in this form.
Some areas are still to be translated, such as the city tour of Weimar and the contents of the touring exhibition. We are still looking for the best ways to make sure that the news and events sections are updated as needed.
Here is the direct link to the site’s English version:


Abkürzungs- und Siglenverzeichnis der verwendeten Literatur:

ADGBFederation of German General Trade Unions
AEGAllgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (General Electricity Company)
AfA-BundGeneral Free Federation of Employees
AVUSAutomobile Traffic and Training Road
BMWBayrische Motorenwerke (Bavarian Motor Works)
BRTgross register tons
BVPBavarian People’s Party
CenterCenter Party
DAPGerman Workers’ Party
DDPGerman Democratic Party
DNTGerman National Theater
DNVPGerman National People’s Party
DVPGerman People’s Party
GmbHLimited (form of company)
KominternCommunist International
KPDCommunist Party of Germany
KVPConservative People’s Party
MSPDMajority Social Democratic Party of Germany; the Majority Socialists
NSnational socialism (Nazi)
NSDAPNational Socialist German Workers’ Party; Nazi party
NVNational Assembly
O.C.Organization Consul
OHLArmy High Command
SASturmabteilung; Brownshirts
SPDSocial Democratic Party of Germany
StGBPenal Code
UfAUniversum Film Aktiengesellschaft
USPDIndependent Social Democratic Party of Germany
VKPDUnited Communist Party of Germany
ZentrumCenter Party

(zusammengestellt von Dr. Jens Riederer und Christine Rost, bearbeitet von Stephan Zänker)

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