Prof. Dr. Norbert Lammert

Chair of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung foundation

Without even looking at what it achieved, the Weimar National Assembly already stands out in the history of German democracy as the first and only constitutional convention ever chosen by voters in general, democratic elections. It was and still is linked with the introduction of women’s suffrage. With this advance, the politically rather backwards Germany of the time overtook the neighboring long-standing democracies that were looked to as progressive societies. This is one of Weimar democracy’s few lasting achievements.

Carsten Schneider

Secretary of the Social Democratic Party’s parliamentary group

I will do all I can to make sure that the federal government upholds the commemoration and raises awareness of the milestones of our democracy’s history. The Weimar Republic is part of this. Indeed, with the centenary celebrations approaching, Weimar’s role as the birthplace of Germany’s first democracy is taking center stage. We have a unique opportunity to gain new insights into where our democracy is today and how best to promote its future by examining the Weimar Republic’s history.”

Heiko Maas

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Today, we take for granted women’s suffrage, the eight-hour day, our social state governed by the rule of law, and so much more. Yet we wouldn’t have any of this if it hadn’t been for the Weimar Republic. The women and men who fought relentlessly for Germany’s first democracy in the difficult conditions of that era deserve to be remembered.


Abkürzungs- und Siglenverzeichnis der verwendeten Literatur:

ADGBFederation of German General Trade Unions
AEGAllgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (General Electricity Company)
AfA-BundGeneral Free Federation of Employees
AVUSAutomobile Traffic and Training Road
BMWBayrische Motorenwerke (Bavarian Motor Works)
BRTgross register tons
BVPBavarian People’s Party
CenterCenter Party
DAPGerman Workers’ Party
DDPGerman Democratic Party
DNTGerman National Theater
DNVPGerman National People’s Party
DVPGerman People’s Party
GmbHLimited (form of company)
KominternCommunist International
KPDCommunist Party of Germany
KVPConservative People’s Party
MSPDMajority Social Democratic Party of Germany; the Majority Socialists
NSnational socialism (Nazi)
NSDAPNational Socialist German Workers’ Party; Nazi party
NVNational Assembly
O.C.Organization Consul
OHLArmy High Command
SASturmabteilung; Brownshirts
SPDSocial Democratic Party of Germany
StGBPenal Code
UfAUniversum Film Aktiengesellschaft
USPDIndependent Social Democratic Party of Germany
VKPDUnited Communist Party of Germany
ZentrumCenter Party

(zusammengestellt von Dr. Jens Riederer und Christine Rost, bearbeitet von Stephan Zänker)

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